Frequently Asked Questions

    As the largest private employer in Orange County, Orange Regional Medical Center offers a wide range of employment opportunities including nursing, allied health professions, finance, information technology and a variety of clerical and
    support positions.

    Searching and Applying for a Position: After perusing our Web site, go to Job Search. Apply for each position of interest
    as aligned with your educational background, skill set and experience. Afterwards, you will receive an email acknowledge-
    ment confirming the receipt of your application.

    Evaluation: Once your application is in our system, it will be reviewed and compared with the requirements of the position.
    Due to the large volume of candidate resumes we receive, only the most closely aligned candidates will be contacted

    The Interview: A phone or video interview may precede a face-to-face interview with a human resources professional
    and/or hiring manager. The primary purpose of the interview is to assess the technical and cultural fit of the candidate with the needs of Orange Regional. It also serves as a way for the candidate to gain a better understanding of the job opportu-
    nity and Orange Regional as an organization.

    We use an interview technique called Behavioral-Based Interviewing. A Behavioral-Based Interview is a structured process
    where you will be asked to describe specific situations you have experienced related to the work or skill in question (i.e.
    teamwork). While it is important for individuals to possess the appropriate knowledge, skills and prior experience to ensure
    initial success, our goal is to determine how candidates will fit within Orange Regional.

    Be Ready

    • Arrive at least 5 minutes early
    • Dress in business attire
    • Bring a copy of your resume for your own reference
    • Be prepared to talk about service excellence through attitude, teamwork and compassion
    • Be positive in your communication and expressions


    • Provide specific examples, be detailed
    • Moments of silence are expected. We understand you may need time to think about your answer before responding
    • Ask for clarification if you do not understand a question
    • Expect the interviewer(s) to take notes
    • Ask when you may expect a decision. The process may take several weeks due to the number of applications,
      scheduling and coordination of interviews.

    After the Interview

    • Send a follow-up thank you note or email to the interview team
    • Remain positive and learn from the experience
    • If there is additional interview information regarding your work experience you want to provide after your interview,
      email it to the appropriate recruiter

    Selection: Once a position has been filled, only candidates selected for the position will be notified. Orange Regional’s goal
    is to hire world-class, highly skilled employees from a pool of candidates representing diverse populations and geographic
    regions. Back to top >>

  • In what time frame can I expect to hear back from Human Resources on the status of my application?

    You will receive an email confirmation once you submit your application. The application process varies for each position,
    so please be patient with us. We do send email notifications when our positions are filled or if we are pursuing other applicants. Back to top >>

  • How can I check the status of my application?

    If Orange Regional is interested in pursuing an interview with an applicant, the applicant will be contacted directly by telephone. Back to top >>

  • If I continue to call Human Resources, will that get my application through the process faster?

    We understand your enthusiasm and ask that you be patient. Unfortunately, your call may actually slow down our process. Back to top >>

  • Why does the application process take so long once I’ve submitted it?

    We receive many applications daily and want to give them careful consideration to select the best, qualified candidates for each position. Back to top >>

  • Do I need to meet the minimum qualifications listed on the job posting?

    Yes, you must meet the minimum job/education qualifications in order to be considered for the position. Please make sure when applying for a position that you do meet the minimum qualifications. This is very important for you to be considered for the position. Back to top >>

  • How can I speak directly to a hiring manager?

    All applications are received and reviewed by a professional recruiter within the Human Resources Department. Select candidates are then accommodated by a recruiter throughout the interview process. You will not speak directly with the hiring manager until you are selected for the interview. Back to top >>

  • When do you update your job postings?

    We update our job postings as new positions become available. Back to top >>

  • What is the best way for me to apply?

    What format should I submit my resume in? The best way to apply is by using the online application found within the
    "Careers" section of Orange Regional's Web site. This way, the recruiter receives your application immediately for review. The best way to submit your resume is in a Microsoft Word Document. Back to top >>

  • I don't have a computer, how can I apply?

    You can visit your local library or Department of Labor office and visit Back to top >>

  • If I apply for one position, do I need to complete another application for a different position?

    Yes, we ask that you apply for all positions that you’re qualified for and interested in separately. Back to top >>

  • Will I be notified once the position is filled?

    Yes, you will be notified via the email address you provided on your online application. Back to top >>