Our Nursing Mission

We, the nurses of Orange Regional Medical Center, lead the commitment to
ensure positive patient outcomes by practicing the art and science of nursing

Our Nursing Mission

We the nurses of ORMC lead the commitment to ensure optimal patient outcomes by practicing the art and science of nursing.

Our Nursing Vision

To be the leader of nursing excellence by providing exceptional patient care in a progressive, dynamic, and healing environment.

Our Nursing Philosophy

  • Care delivery model that assists individuals and family in recovery, health, and independence through individualized care and patient/family involvement
  • Our passion for nursing that will create an environment to promote wellness and community education (community focus)
  • Protecting the health, safety, and rights of our patients and colleagues
  • Supporting a culture of empowerment and accountability
  • Delivering compassionate, culturally sensitive care
  • Achieving excellent patient outcomes through continuous performance improvement using evidence-based practice
  • Create an environment
    • That nurtures and supports accomplishments, self-esteem, and professional education and growth
    • That fosters
      • respect and acceptance
      • coaching, mentoring, and retaining professional nurses in our practice setting - ensuring our legacy
      • passion for nursing and exhibit/convey that passion at all times - being our best at all times
      • a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to patient-centered care
    • That embraces persons as a whole to mentor both professionalism and humanism in our practice

Our nursing opportunities let you combine state-of-the-art technology with compassionate care, whatever your specialty. All applications leverage the same central database, offering technological improvements, such as EPIC Electronic Health Records, registration and scheduling systems for clerks, clinical systems for doctors, nurses, emergency personnel and other care providers, ancillary systems for lab technicians, pharmacists and radiologists and billing systems for care providers as well as insurers. You'll be able to focus your energy on assessing and treating your patients—resulting in even greater outcomes and job satisfaction.


Orange Regional Medical Center is committed to
providing our employees with a comprehensive
benefit program.

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